Bitcoin on January 1st: R$ 29.199 Bitcoin on December 31st: R$ 152.960 what will be in 2021?

Bitcoin once again surpasses its historical maximum on the last day of the year and notes an appreciation of more than 400%.

In 2020 Bitcoin presented an exponential high and broke its historical maximum and set a new record value close to US$ 30 thousand.

In Brazil, due to the dollar’s rise, the profitability of the main cryptomeda in the market was even higher and passed 400%.

Thus, on January 1st Bitcoin ‚opened‘ the year being quoted at $ 29,199 and this December 31st, the cryptomoeda is above $ 152,000, registering, once again, a new record value.

However, what to expect from Bitcoin price in 2021?

2021 and Bitcoin

For Citibank analyst Tom Fitzpatrick, Bitcoin could rise to $318,000 by December next year.

If this materializes, it will be a 102-fold increase, which would make this expansion cycle the weakest in terms of percentage growth in the history of Bitcoin.

For Fitzpatrick, after a year of unprecedented economic uncertainty and fiscal policy, investors will continue to seek refuge in Bitcoin to protect their wealth.

Likewise, Bloomberg analyst Mike McGlone also has major objectives for Bitcoin.

With the growing institutional support, McGlone believes that Bitcoin is ready to continue its high until 2021. According to him, the cryptoactive has the potential to break the market value of US$ 1 trillion. In parallel, BTC can reach US$ 50,000.

Blockfyre co-founder and managing partner of Moonrock Capital, Simon Dedic, also shared his forecasts for 2021.

According to Dedic, the last three years have been good for cryptomime. But he predicts something even better, with Bitcoin at US$ 150,000.

„In 2017, you could buy literally any altcoin and it was a good investment. [In my opinion], it won’t happen again. However, I still believe that the bull race will return, pumping the few solid alts that exist. My predictions are: BTC $150,000, ETH $9,000, LINK $200, BNB $500, VET $1 and XTZ $ 200″, he said.

The creator of the stock-to-flow model, PlanB analyst, also bets on six digits for Bitcoin in 2021. He estimates that the cryptomoeda can reach US$ 300,000 before 2021 ends.

On the other hand, the economist who predicted the 2008 economic crisis, Nouriel Roubini, said that BTC will collapse. That’s because, according to him, the future regulation of the Biden government will „repress“ the crypto.

In response to crypto advocate Jake Chervinsky, who claimed it was unlikely the government could crack down on crypto, Roubini said he has no doubt that the Biden administration will create a pessimistic environment for cryptoactives.

„You are delirious. Biden’s team, starting with Yellen, who was my boss at the CEA, will repress this criminal cesspool of tax evasion and crypto/shitcoins much more than Mnuchin,“ he said.